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Reusable bottles, aimed to reduce our throw-away culture, have been a common sight for a while now. However, most of them are still made from plastic and, once thrown away, remain a huge contributor to global pollution. To combat this trend, the designers of EcoJun in South Korea . . . More 

If it wouldn’t have been for Yoga, the creator of YoGo might have never been able to run again. To give back not only to his body and soul, but also to people and the environment, he designed a Yoga mat that . . . More 

Using high-quality wood waste sourced from all over the world, these watches, made by Italian designers from WeWood, are a perfect synergy between style, design and environmental consciousness. Each wooden watch is . . . More

Discarded fishing gear accounts for an estimated 10% of the ocean’s plastic pollution. The three founders of bureo, all surfers and skateboarders, try to raise awareness about this global problem by . . . More

These awesome headphones by LSTN from L.A., USA, are a triple-winner. Not only is the casing made out of wood, and the pollsters out of vegan-leather, but a part of the sale of each pair goes straight to the Starkey Hearing Foundation ... More 

Runcible is a smart pocket device made of sustainably sourced hardwood and upgradable electronics. It is an elegant and powerful mobile device, circular & palm sized. As powerful as ... More

Since most computers are designed to last only a couple of years, Americans throw away more than 9.4 million tons of e-waste each year. The designers of Volta V want to put an end to this insanity by introducing ... More

Behind the simple form of these wooden radios lies a deep relationship between the designer and his product. Rejecting the maintenance-free approach to products, these radios push us to take care of and maintain the product we buy. The radios....More

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