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The Shelf Safe Enough to Eat

BUILD is a German company which is serious about it’s environmental footprint. It has designed a shelf made entirely from ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene), a high performance plastic foam containing 95% air. It is 100% recyclable, completely toxic-free, emission free, allergy free and even safe enough to eat! Equally great is the multifuntionality of its versatile and modular shelving units. They can be rearranged and stacked to become bigger or smaller depending on personal needs. Lastly, they are ultra-light, portable and can be used as items for various other occasions, such as a table, a stool or even a cooling box. BUILD is truly an all-rounder in functionality and style.

Watch BUILD's video here:

#certifiedmaterial #earthfriendly #innovative #vegan #recycable #ecoconscious #sustainable

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