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In The Spirit Of Recycling Polyester

The designers from Millican have resorted to using only 100% recycled polyester for the lining of their outdoor bag collections. Unlike virgin polyester, which is an energy-hungry, unsustainable synthetic fibre, recycled polyester uses PET plastic bottles as the raw material. In this process PET bottles are crushed, heated and passed through a spinneret to create yarn. After that it is passed through a crimping machine to give it a fluffy and wooly texture and later baled, dyed and knitted into polyester fabric. The Millican bags are a perfect example of how stylish, durable gear can be made with modern techniques that significantly reduce the contamination of our soil, air and water.

Check out one of a series of videos by Millican:

#earthfriendly #industrialwaste #repurposed #ecoconscious #wastematerial #sustainable #recycled

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