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Wood Meets Ceramic Meets Whiskey

Reminiscent of the classic hip flask, The Bernard Flask is a travel back in time when vessels known to hold precious goods where made from strong, natural and durable material. Made solely out of elements from the earth, the flasks’ wooden caps are reclaimed whiskey barrels from a local Washington DC distillery. Inserted are two sets of strong neodymium rare-earth magnets which attach to the body, making it entirely leak proof and insulated. The body itself is handcrafted from ceramic stoneware, which is known for its strength and durability. Combined with a stylish design, this flask is a beautiful alternative to the cheap and tacky flasks that are a common sight today. In the words of its founders: “It is a vessel worth the liquid it holds”.

#earthfriendly #recycable #natural #reclaimed #ecoconscious #repurposed #handcrafted #wastematerial #sustainable

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