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Hemp Eyewear - A Sustainable Solution Against Deforestation

Hemp has been an industrial super crop since centuries and one of the earliest domesticated plants known. It has been cultivated for over 12,000 years. It is the strongest plant fibre in the world and can be used to make anything from food and textiles to paper, building material and even auto parts.

Hemp is a renewable and sustainable source because it can be grown and harvested every year. On the other hand, for a tree to be grown sustainably it should reach a life-span of at least 15-20 years. Increasing the use of hemp in products would thus significantly reduce the practice of deforestation.

The designers of Hemp Eyewear are pioneering this trend with their biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable sunglasses called 'Crosby'. They are made out of a blend of hemp and flax fibres and bound together by eco-friendly resin. In addition, their coat is organic and the lenses are made out of bio-material.

Watch their story here:

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