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The Im-perfectly Good Wooden Radio

Behind the simple form of these wooden radios lies a deep relationship between the designer, the user and his product. Rejecting the maintenance-free approach to things, these radios push us to not only maintain but also to take care of what we buy.

The radios, designed in Indonesia by the designers from Magno, only have a wooden oil-finish applied to them. However, this will not completely protect the wood and the owner will have to take additional care of it by regularly coating it with Teak or Pine oil. This special handling fosters a unique and growing connection between users and their products.

Designed with the intention to remind us to take care of nature's needs, just as nature takes care of ours, the designer himself gives back to nature by having set up a tree nursery where he re-plenishes the same amount of wood, water and electricity that he uses for creating his products.

#sustainable #handcrafted #Indonesia #Tech

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