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Reusable bottles, aimed to reduce our throw-away culture, have been a common sight for a while now. However, most of them are still made from plastic and, once thrown away, remain a huge contributor to global pollution. To combat this trend, the designers of EcoJun in South Korea have ... More

It seems fitting that a designer team from Canada would work with wood when they are surrounded by one of North America’s most pristine and lush coniferous forests. The group of Loyal Loot sources its main material from these forest in the form of found wood... More

A wonderful alternative to wasteful plastic wrap, besides being beautifully designed, the HoneyBeeWrap is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The brainchild of a mother of five from Byron Bay in Australia ... More

Throwing a dinner party typically ends up in heaps of dirty plastic plates and utensils overfilling garbage bags. But thanks to a team of designers in Singapore hosting a party has now become a bit more responsible. The group from eco u ... More

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